'ISA XIV World Congress of Sociology 'Social Knowledge: Heritage, Challenges, Perspectives

RC35 'Research Committee on Conceptual & Terminological Analysis'
President: George Graham, Vanderbilt Univ. Nashville
Preliminary Programme: <http://www.ucm.es/OTROS/isa/rc35c.htm>

Sessions 'Social Sciences in the World Wide Web I/II'

Monday, July 27 14:00-18:30
(Chair: Peter Ohly, Informationszentrum Sozialwissenschaften Bonn)

At the 14th World Congress of Sociology there will be held by RC35 a session on concept representations and conceptual aids concerning the Social Sciences in the World Wide Web. Themes to be discussed in connection with the WWW will be: automatic indexing, internet-o-metrics, content analysis, browsing schemes, meta information, standardization, clearinghouses. This session is a joint session with RC 33 'Logic and Methodology in Sociology' (President: Ray Pawson, Univ. Leeds, UK; <http://www.ucm.es/OTROS/isa/rc33.htm>)

Papers to be presented:

Session I, Monday, July 27 14:00-16:00:

H. Peter Ohly, Bonn, Germany:
Browsing in Social Science Sections of Clearinghouses, Catalogues and Virtual Libraries

Carl Cuneo, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada:
Internet Quality Standards for Sociology
(paper will not be presented during the session)

Larry R. Ridener, Radford, Virginia, USA:
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Cyberspace: Ups and Downs of the Dead Sociologists' Society from the Creator's Perspective

Debra Hiom, Bristol, UK:
The Quest for Quality on the Web

Session II, Monday, July 27 16:30-18:30:

Paul Pelowski, Colchester, UK:
Developing HASSET, a Web-based Thesaurus for the Social Sciences

Harald Klein, Jena, Germany:
Text Analysis of Data in the World Wide Web

Albert Benschop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands:
Sociology of Skywriting: The Internet as a medium and object of sociological research

updated: Peter Ohly, July 21st 1998