ISA 14th World Congress Montreal: RC35: Session 'Social Sciences in the World Wide Web'

H. Peter Ohly

IZ Sozialwissenschaften
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Browsing in Social Science Sections of Clearinghouses, Catalogues and Virtual Libraries

Existing systematic ways of access to the Internet via searching machines, browsing services and clearinghouses (Yahoo, SOSIG, Argus, WWW-VL, Karlsruher VL, BUBL etc.) are discussed with respect to their principles. In the following considerations and solutions for the systematic collection, administration and page design (resp. redesign) of a German clearinghouse for the social sciences (SocioGuide), are discussed. The general question of feasibility of knowledge organizational principles within Internet information will be included as a framework.

Within the two main regions 'Germany and International' 'and 'Eastern Europe' the GESIS SocioGuide 1997 <> enables more precise regional restrictions simultaneous with content (Sociology, Political Science etc.) or institutional (Universities, Research Units, etc.) access.

The following principles that are valid for the GESIS SocioGuide Germany and International will be discussed: