GESIS SocioGuide Germany and International: Social Scientific Sources in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, other western European and non-European countries

Supplementary to GESIS' spectrum on the Internet, which is based primarily on our own products and services and partly on those of co-operating partners, the GESIS SocioGuide offers an additional reference system to external sources, completing the spectrum of GESIS products and giving the social scientist in German speaking countries an initial orientation over and above technical and regional limits. In order to take the source state and the interests of foreign participants into account, the language of description is preferably English.

Access to two main regions is offered on one common homepage:

Within these two regions, more precise regional restrictions

are made possible with simultaneous content (Sociology, Political Science etc.) or institutional (Universities, Research Units, etc.) access. To receive the desired page, click on the appropriate combination and the 'send question' button. The GESIS SocioGuide Germany and International is represented momentarily at moderate depth. Further divisions of the individual subjects according to information type (data, literature, etc.) as well as a considerable re-organization of the files on the institution pages follows in the next versions.

The following principles are valid for the GESIS SocioGuide Germany and International:


GESIS Peter Ohly 1999-06-14