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Ordering copies of publications

References to grey literature in the SOLIS database contain almost completely a library signature, which will make arrangements for loans much easier; this is also true for a part (40%) of the referenced literature printed by commercial publishers. More than 60% of the journal articles referenced in SOLIS also carry a location notation.

Using the German Loans Service (Deutscher Leihverkehr)

The library signature in SOLIS (short version of name, place and ID-number of the holding library, as well as the signature of the work) refer to libraries which are attached to the normal long-distance loans. If the desired work is not available at your local library, these library signatures for long-distance loans ("direct orders") help avoid the often time-consuming journey through the library system.

Literature service of the Cologne university library

Copies of articles from journals, which are abstracted in SOLIS and present in the Cologne university library, can be ordered either electronically, by post or by fax. The SOLIS references of such articles contain the library signature "UuStB Koeln(38) - journal signature" as well as a note on the copy service.

The charge for postal delivery up to 20 copies per article is 12 DM (for university members 8 DM)

Electronic ordering can be done directly on the literature service (in German) of the Cologne university library.

For an order by post or fax, you can print out the order form for copies of articles (in German).


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