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Conflict Prevention Center

Black Sea University Foundation

13, Calea 13 Septembrie, 7th Floor

Telephone:      +40-1-411 3918
Fax:                +40-1-411 2601
e-mail: bsu@sunu.rnc.ro

Research details:

Peace theory / International relations / Basic research  X
Global threats (economic and ecological issues)  X
Causes and origins of war   
East-West-relations (security, economics, culture)   
Security policy (arms control, disarmament, alternative concepts, civilian defence)   
Arms and development, arms export   
Conversion of armaments and sites   
North-South relations (security, economics, migration, environment)   
Dynamics of conflict and development in countries of the South   
Intra-social and ethnic conflicts (national identities)   
Psychological peace research   
Feminist aspects of peace research   
International law and peaceful order (International Organizations), human rights   
Historical peace research   
Peace education and theory of peace education   
Ethics of peace, non-violence   
Non-violent conflict management   

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