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Peace 2000 Institute

P.O. Box 190

Head of institution: Thor Magnusson

Telephone:      +354 / 5522000
Fax:                +354 / 5618220
E-mail: info@peace.is
WWW: http://www.peace.is/

Scientific Expertise:
Current information journal on http://www.peace.is/projects/

Research details:

Peace theory / International relations / Basic research  X
Global threats (economic and ecological issues)  X
Causes and origins of war  X
East-West-relations (security, economics, culture)   
Security policy (arms control, disarmament, alternative concepts, civilian defence)  X
Arms and development, arms export   
Conversion of armaments and sites  X
North-South relations (security, economics, migration, environment)   
Dynamics of conflict and development in countries of the South  X
Intra-social and ethnic conflicts (national identities)  X
Psychological peace research   
Feminist aspects of peace research   
International law and peaceful order (International Organizations), human rights  X
Historical peace research   
Peace education and theory of peace education  X
Ethics of peace, non-violence  X
Non-violent conflict management  X
  yes  no 
Fringe literature    
Project lists    
Library X  

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