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Center for Studies, Research and Documentation
on Relations between Africa and Germany


Avenue Ancien Palais / Efoulan

Head of institution: Dr. Jean Joseph Atangana

Telephone:      + 237 / 211599
Fax:                + 237 / 230429 / 230452

Scientific expertise:
Issues of children soldiers in Africa / Anti-personnel mines in african conflicts / Setting up an African Peace Keeping Force / Durable outcome for the Great Lakes Conflict / Action for a Peace-Culture in Africa

Research details:

Peace theory / International relations / Basic research  X
Global threats (economic and ecological issues)  X
Causes and origins of war  X
East-West-relations (security, economics, culture)  X
Security policy (arms control, disarmament, alternative concepts, civilian defence)  X
Arms and development, arms export  X
Conversion of armaments and sites  X
North-South relations (security, economics, migration, environment)  X
Dynamics of conflict and development in countries of the South  X
Intra-social and ethnic conflicts (national identities)  X
Psychological peace research  X
Feminist aspects of peace research  X
International law and peaceful order (International Organizations), human rights  X
Historical peace research  X
Peace education and theory of peace education  X
Ethics of peace, non-violence  X
Non-violent conflict management X

Journals, periodicals:
"DAZ-Zeitschrift" (semestrial)

Research reports, working papers:
"Le Défi de la Sécurité régionale en Afrique aprés la Guerre froide : Vers la Diplomatie préventive et la sécurité collective" - "Research papers Nr. 27 - UNIDIR (United Nations)"

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Fringe literature X   
Project lists X   
Library X   

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