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Virtual Experience

Cosmo-Player and examples can be downloaded from: http://www.cai.com/cosmo/home.htm

Shockwave can be downloaded from: http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download


mehr/^R^A^U^M^\ (collapsible system)

(animation as  communication theory)

─sthetisches System: Niklas Luhman + Bazon Brocks  (flexible semantic contexts; click on 'anfangen'; for oral text click on the ear)

HP Ohly: Introduction to Information Design and the Social Sciences   SESSION: INFORMATION DESIGN UNDER A SOCIAL SCIENCE PERSPECTIVE  http://www.bonn.iz-soz.de/bds-kb/KoelnRC33.htm  5th International Conference on Social Science Methodology, Cologne, Oct. 4  2000