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Motion and Animation
Movement Notation (2dim and 3dim graphics) D'Urbano: Touch Me (directed animation; press 'touch-it'-face)
Muybridge: Nude (moving pictures: press 'animation') D'Urbano: The Video (composed movie + music; choose according to sound player)
MathOnline: SinCosTan (continuent process; press 'applet' and move bar) D'Urbano: Hautnah (turning body and ascending process)
VILLA - nicht nur sitzen (flying pictures (if you touch pictures: some will change))
Atelier of  Bettina Suhr (moving multiperspectives + sound; press 2. red figure)

HP Ohly: Introduction to Information Design and the Social Sciences   SESSION: INFORMATION DESIGN UNDER A SOCIAL SCIENCE PERSPECTIVE  http://www.bonn.iz-soz.de/bds-kb/KoelnRC33.htm  5th International Conference on Social Science Methodology, Cologne, Oct. 4  2000