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AFB Reference Library

The AFB advises readers that, as part of its function as an information, advice, and contact centre, it maintains a reference library of some 10,090 volumes and 75 periodicals. The library's holdings grow by about 500 titles a year and are catalogued under 145 rubrics relating to peace research and international relations. The library is open to the public from Monday to Thursday from 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 1.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. and on Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

Prospective readers are kindly requested to telephone the office before visiting the library. Thank you!

AFB Data Base on Peace Research

As part of its information work, the AFB maintains a data base of national and international research establishments and researchers. This currently comprises 118 German and 171 non-German institutions and individuals engaged in research. The data base is constantly being expanded and updated (changes naturally depend on the relevant information's being made available to the AFB), and it indicates which of the following broad fields the particular organizations and individuals are working in: (1) peace theory/international relations theory/basic research; (2) global threats (economic and ecological issues); (3) causes of war; (4) East-West relations (security, economics, culture); (5) security policy (arms control, disarmament, alternative concepts, civilian defence); (6) arms and development, arms exports; (7) conversion of armaments and military sites; (8) North-South relations (security, economics, migration, environment); (9) dynamics of conflict and development in the countries of the South; (10) intra-societal and ethnic conflicts (nationality conflicts etc.); (11) psychological peace research; (12) feminist aspects of peace research; (13) international law and peaceful order (international organizations), human rights; (14) historical peace-research; (15) peace education and theory of peace-education; (16) ethics of peace, non-violence; (17) non-military conflict-resolution.

The AFB data base can now be accessed on the Internet at the following address:

Braunschweig Technical University Institute for Social Sciences:
Research Reports (ISW-Forschungsberichte)

Klaus Limpe/Ulrich Menzel/Ulrike Vogel, Die Ethnisierung internationaler Wirstchaftbeziehungen und die daraus resultierenden Konflikte. Entwurf eines Forschungsprojektes (10/Oct. 1995)

Hartwig Hummel/Birgit Wehrhöfer, Geopolitische Identitäten: Kritik an der Ethnisierung einer sich regionalisierenden Welt als paradigmatische Erweiterung der Friedensforschung (11/Jan. 1996)

Annabelle Gambe, Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia (14/Nov. 1996)

Hartwig Hummel, `Japan Bashing: Die Ethnisierung der Handelsbeziehungen zu Japan im politischen Diskurs der USA (16/Jan. 1997)

Birgit Wehrhöfer, Der französische Migrationsdiskurs als Beitrag zur ethnischen Grenzziehung Europas (17/Feb. 1997)

Ulrich Menzel, The West against the Rest: Samuel Huntingtons Rekonstruktion des Westens, 2, rev. edn. (18/Oct. 1997)

Hartwig Hummel, Der neue Asianismus: Die Ethnisierung der Handelsbeziehungen zu den USA im politischen Diskurs Japans (21/Nov. 1997)

Annabelle Gambe, Competitive Collaboration: Western Liberal and Overseas Chinese Ethnic Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia (22/Nov. 1997)

Birgit Wehrhöfer, Das Ende deer Gemütlichkeit: Ethnisierung im deutschen Migrationsdiskurs nach dem Ende des Ost-West-Konflikts (23/Nov. 1997)

Contact: Institut für Sozialwissenschaften, TU Braunschweig, Wendenring 1, D-38114, Tel.: +49 (531) 391-23 10/11, Fax: +49 (531) 391-82 11,

HSFK-Standpunkte 1997

Christian Büttner, Frieden mit Mißhandlern? Sexuelle Gewalt gegen Frauen und Kinder und die (Friedens-)Moral der westlichen Kulturen (1/97, Jan. 1997)

Bernhard Moltmann, `s ist leider Krieg--und ich begehre nicht Schuld daran zu sein': Die Friedensethik vor neuen Herausforderungen (2/97, Aug. 1997)

Harald Müller/Katja Frank, Nukleare Abrüstung--neue Schritte sind notwendig (3/97, Aug. 1997)

Harald Müller, `Das Leben selbst ist lebensgefährlich': Kritische Anmerkungen zum `erweiterten Sicherheitsbegriff' (4/97, Sept. 1997)

Peter Schlotter, Jenseits von Nuklearpazifismus und Antiamerikanismus: Zur Außenpolitik von Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (5/97, Oct. 1997)

var., Verleihung des Hessischen Friedenspreises 1997 an Hans Koschnick (6/97, Oct. 1997)

Lothar Brock, Globaler Wandel und Staatenpolitik: Plädoyer für Multilateralismus (7/97, Oct. 1997)

Contact: Hessische Stiftung Friedens- und Konfliktforschung/Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, Leimenrode 29, D-60322 Frankfurt/M., Tel.: +49 (69) 959104-0, Fax: +49 (69) 558481, e-mail:,

Antioch College, Ohio seeks Visiting Associate Professor in Peace Studies

Antioch College invites nominations and applications for a one-year visiting associate professorship, or professorship in Peace Studies. The post will be effective from autumn 1998 and will end in June 1999. A national search will begin in the autumn to fill this position on a regular basis.

Peace studies is an interdisciplinary programme with strong emphases on international relations, the environment, human rights, cross-cultural issues, and women's studies. The courses normally offered are: Introduction to Peace Studies; Introduction to Nonviolent Action; Prospects for Peace in the 21st Century; Spirituality, Religion, Culture, and Peace. That said, efforts will be made, where possible, to accommodate the particular teaching interests of the successful candidate.

The College is seeking an individual who combines academic excellence with practical experience in international organizations, peace organizations, and/or peace movements. The College provides equal employment-opportunity for all qualified applicants and does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, sex, age, ancestry, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, family status, or disability.

The salary is competitive and commensurate with experience and qualifications. Please send nominations or encourage qualified candidates to send a covering letter and CV, three letters of reference, and teaching evaluations to the address below.

Contact: Hassan M. Nejad, Executive Vice-President and Dean of Faculty, Antioch College, 795 Livermore St, Yellow Springs, OH 45387, USA, Fax: +1 (937) 767-6470, e-mail:

Berghof Center for Constructive Conflict Management
Reports and Occasional Papers

Norbert Ropers, Friedliche Einmischung: Strukturen, Prozesse und Strategien zur konstruktiven Bearbeitung ethnopolitscher Konflikte (Rep. 1/Oct. 1995)

Frank Liebe, Interkulturelle Mediation--eine schwierige Vermittlung. Eine empirisch-analytische Annäherung zur Bedeutung von kulturellen Unterschieden (Rep. 2/May 1995)

Frank Liebe/Nadja Gilbert, Intercultural Mediation: A Difficult Brokerage. An Empirical-Analytical Attempt to Assess the Impact of Cultural Difference (Rep. 2/May 1996).

Berghof Forschungzentrum/Diakonisches Werk der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland/KSZE-Consult/Deutsche UNESCO-Kommission/Haus der Kulturen Berlin (eds.), Ergebnisbericht: Interkulturelle Konfliktbearbeitung. Einführungsseminar in neue Konzepte der innergesellschaftlichen und internationalen Mediation und präventiven Diplomatie, 30. November bis 2. Dezember 1994 (OP 1/July 1996)

Anja Weiß/Aleksey Nazarenko, Report: Golitsino Workshop for Peace Builders, 25-29 September 1995 (OP 2/Sept. 1996)

Anja Weiß/Aleksey Nazarenko, Report: Warsaw Workshop for Peace Builders 28 January-2 February 1996 (OP 3/Sept. 1996)

Kinga P[daggerdbl]ll, The Hungarian Concept of Autonomy for Romania: The 1993 DAHR Draft Law on `National Minorities and Autonomous Communities' and Reactions from Other Political Parties in Romania (OP 4/Sept. 1996)

Anna-M[daggerdbl]ria Biro, The International Relations of the DAHR 1989-1996: The Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania. An Introduction (OP 5/Aug. 1996)

Kinga G[daggerdbl]l, Protection of National Minorities and Stability in Central and Eastern Europe (OP 6/Sept. 1996)

Anja Weiß/Aleksey Nazarenko, Strategies and Needs of NGOs Dealing with Ethno-political Conflicts in the New Eastern Democracies (OP 7/Mar. 1997)

Eva Maringer/Reiner Steinweg, Konstruktive Haltungen und Verhaltensweisen in institutionellen Konflikten: Erfahrungen, Begriffe, Fähigkeiten (Rep. 3/June 1997)

Airat Aklaev, Ethnopolitical Legitimacy and Ethnic Conflict Management: The Case of the Russian Federation in Early 1990s (OP 9/June 1997)

Diana Francis/Norbert Ropers, Peace Work by Civil Actors in Post-communist Societies (OP 10/Sept. 1997)

Anton Ivanov, Advanced Networking: A Conceptual Approach to NGO-based Early Response Strategies in Conflict Prevention (OP 11/Oct. 1997)

Oliver Wolleh, Peacebuilding-Aktivitäten der bikommunalen `Conflict-Resolution Trainer Group' in Zypern. Qualitative Analyse anhand von zwei Interviews (OP 12/Nov. 1997)

Norbert Ropers, Roles and Functions of Third Parties in the Constructive Management of Ethnopolitical Conflicts (OP 14/Nov. 1997)

Jon Sebastian, The Intercultural Mediation Project: The Blr Experience. A Study of Conflict Management in an Intercultural Context (OP 15/Nov. 1997)

Contact: Berghof Research Centre for Constructive Conflict Management, Altensteinstrasse 48 a, D-14195 Berlin, Tel.: +49 (30) 831-8099, -8090, Fax: +49 (30) 831-5985,



Peter van den Dungen, Friedensforschung und die Suche nach dem Frieden: Einige kritische Anmerkungen (Sept. 1987)

Elise Boulding, Friedenserziehung als Friedensgestaltung (Nov. 1988)

Elizabeth Richards, Friedenserziehung in der Diskussion (Nov. 1989)

Dieter Senghaas, Die moderne Entwicklungsproblematik und ihre Implikationen für Friedenspolitik (Jan. 1991)

Thomas Dominikowski, Frieden lehren?! Über Friedenslehre und Curricula der Friedenswissenschaft an Hochschulen (Feb. 1991)

Tordis Batscheider, Friedensforschung und Geschlechterverhältnis: Selbstreflexive Betrachtungen zum erweiterten Gewaltbegriff (Apr. 1993)

Lothar Brock, Friedensforschung im Zeichen immer neuer Kriege (Oct. 1994)

Karlheinz Koppe, Der unerreichbare Friede: Überlegungen zu einem komplexen Begriff und seinen forschungspolitischen Konsequenzen (Mar. 1995)

Christian P. Scherrer, Überlegungen zu einer Neuorientierung der Friedens- und Konfliktforschung angesichts der ethno-nationlistischen Herausforderung (May 1996)

Tobias Debiel, Gewaltprävention in innerstaatlichen Konflikten: Mögliche Konzepte für neue Herausforderungen (Aug. 1996).

Martina Fischer, Entmilitarisierung durch Streitkräftereform? Trends zu Freiwilligenarmeen und zur Einbindung von Frauen ins Militär (May 1997).

Birgit Brock-Utne, Multicultural Education and Development: Similarities with, and Challenges to, Peace Education (Mar. 1998)--NEW!

Christiane Rajewsky Prize for Young Researchers
sponsored by the AFK

This annual prize, named after the outstanding peace-researcher Christiane Rajewsky, who died in 1993, was instituted in 1994 and, since 1996, has had a value of DM1,000. Candidates submitting work for consideration are asked to note the following conditions: (1) they should be no older than 35 (exceptions may be made where candidates have followed a different career-path and may be regarded as new to research); (2) candidates may nominate themselves and submit their own work, or they may be nominated by a third party; (3) the work submitted should be in essay-form and be a maximum of 35 pages in length.

Candidates will be required to fulfil one of the following criteria, and it will be these criteria that guide the judges in their selection: (1) important oral/written contributions to research; (2) outstanding contributions in peace education; (3) important contributions to the practical application of peace and conflict research in society and politics; (4) outstanding contributions in the field of public awareness on peace and conflict research.

The five-person panel of judges appointed by the AFK general meeting will have sole responsibility for the selection. The members of the panel will be: Prof. Werner Ruf (Kassel), Prof. Karl Holl (Bremen), Nina Nikitin (Hamburg), Prof. Ulrike C. Wasmuht (Berlin), Irmingard Wroblewski (Bonn).

Please send nominations to: Prof. Werner Ruf, FB 5, Universität-GHS Kassel, D-34019 Kassel.

Closing date for nominations: 30 November 1998

AFB-INFO (Informationen der Arbeitsstelle Friedensforschung Bonn/Newsletter of the Peace Research Information Unit Bonn) is produced by the Außenstelle der Hessischen Stiftung Friedens- und Konfliktforschung (HSFK)/Branch Office of the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF). Staff: Dr Regine Mehl and Cornelia Zirpins (editorial); Anna Wälder (research index); Ute Mennen (mailing list). Deadline for contributions to the spring issue is 28 February, and for the autumn issue 31 August. The AFB reserves the right to edit any material submitted. Readers are advised that data on subscribers is stored for mailing purposes. English translation by Margaret Clarke (Oxford). Layout: Petra Spieß (Bonn). Printed by HOLOS-Verlag, Ermekeilstraße 15, 53113 Bonn.

ISSN 0930-8199

Free subscription on request from: Geschäftsstelle der AFB, Beethovenallee 4, D-53173 Bonn (Bad Godesberg), Tel.: +49 (228) 35 60 32, Fax: +49 (228) 35 60 50, e-mail:, Internet: Reproduction welcomed: please supply copies for reference.

Arbeitsstelle Friedensforschung Bonn/Peace Research Information Unit Bonn 1998

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