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Gernika GogoratuzInternational Network in Support of Reconciliation Processes

An international network is to be set up in Guernica, under the aegis of the Gernika Gogoratuz Peace Research Center, to provide a solid theoretical, cultural, and practical framework for reconciliation schemes all over the world.

It was the German Condor Legion that bombed the Basque town of Guernica during the Second World War, and the idea of reconciliation and exchange has therefore been an important component in the dialogue between Germany and Guernica over the last ten years and more. Gernika Gogoratuz wants to get groups and institutions in both countries to set up and develop an international network for promoting co-operation and reconciliation schemes throughout the world--in Argentina, the Basque country, Bosnia, Chile, Guatemala, Japan, Croatia, Mozambique, Romania, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and the many areas in which there are national minorities and marginalized groups. Work has been under way on the network for three years. Its cornerstone is the `Proposal for an International Network in Support of Reconciliation Processes', which was drawn up after the Sixth International Convention on Culture and Peace in Gernika' in April 1996 and which serves as a declaration of principles and programme of action.

On the basis of comments received so far, and of the experiences encountered in setting up the network, the Seventh International Convention on Culture and Peace in Gernika, to be held from 22 to 28 April 1997 in commemoration of the sixtieth anniversary of the bombing of Guernica, will adopt a declaration of principles, a set of statutes, and a programme of action for the period May 1997 to May 1998. Gernika Gogoratuz invites all interested parties not only to attend the conference next April, but also, and above all, to act as disseminators for the idea of a network of reconciliation, and to get in touch with the the centre.

Contact: Centro de Investigación por la Paz, Gernika-Lumoko Udala, Foru Plaza z/g, E-48300 Gernika-Lumo, Spain, Tel.: +34 (4) 625 35 58, Fax: +34 (4) 625 67 65, e-mail: gernikag@garenet.es.

Centre UNESCO de Catalunya

At the behest of UNESCO, the regional government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya), working with the Centre UNESCO de Catalunya, has published a collection of the lectures and papers prepared for the UNESCO seminar on religion and the culture of peace which took place in Barcelona in December 1994. The book, entitled The Contribution by Religions to the Culture of Peace, reflects the multicultural dialogue on this subject initiated by UNESCO in 1993. It contains articles by, amongst others, Elise Boulding, Hans Bühler, and Johan Galtung.

Contact: Centre UNESCO de Catalunya, c/Mallorca 285, E-08037 Barcelona, Spain, Tel.: +34 (3) 207 58 05/207 17 16, Fax: +34 (3) 457 5851, e-mail: eunescocat@cc.uab.es.

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