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International Friends of Literature

The International Friends of Literature Association (PAVE) was founded in 1985 in Haifa in the belief that literature can help promote freedom and improve conditions of life. The association's aim is to support the peace process in the Middle East and the rest of the world through literature, art, and culture. The association's starting-point is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Its monthly newsletter--Friends of Literature--is edited by Dr Ada Aharoni. Each year the association also publishes an anthology entitled Galim-Waves: Literature, Culture and Art.

`Peace through Literature' was also the theme of the founding meeting of the Peace through Literature Commission (PTLC) which took place during the sixteenth annual general meeting of the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) in Brisbane (Australia) in July 1996. Participants included Ada Aharoni, Johan Galtung, Teruhisa Horio, Karlheinz Koppe, Kaz Okamoto, Sanaa Osserian, Ralph Summy, and John Synott. They decided, amongst other things, to set up an electronic periodical on the Internet, as a means of paving the way to global peace through the promotion and world-wide spread of literature and culture. The first issue of the new periodical--entitled Pave Peace through Literature Electronic Magazine--can be accessed, together with full documentation of the founding meeting, at the Internet address of the commission's chairperson, Ada Aharoni, as given below.

Contacts: The International Friends of Literature Association, PO Box 6293, Haifa, Israel 31063, Tel.: +972 (4) 385284, Fax: +972 (4) 243230.

Dr Ada Aharoni, Horeve 57, Haifa, Israel 34343, Tel./Fax: +972 (4) 243230, e-mail: ada@tx.technion.ac.il.

Bertha von Suttner Special Research Program

The Bertha von Suttner Research Program for Conflict Resolution in the Middle East, co-ordinated by the Jewish-Arab Center at the University of Haifa and the Gustav Heinemann Institute of Middle East Studies, and supported by the regional government of North Rhine-Westphalia, has just published its eighth working paper. This study, by Nina S. Copaken (working under the direction of Professor Arnon Soffer), addresses the question of `The Perception of Water as Part of Territory in Israeli and Arab Ideologies between 1964 and 1993: Toward a Further Understanding of the Arab-Jewish Conflict'. The author examines the ideological links made by the governments and leaders of the region between the right to water and the respective national territories. Having established a theoretical model, Ms Copaken elaborates a comprehensive approach to conflict regulation in Arab-Israeli relations, thus promoting better mutual understanding of this central issue.

Contact: The Jewish-Arab Center, The Gustav Heinemann Institute of Middle Eastern Studies, University of Haifa, Mt Carmel, Aba Khoushi Rd, Haifa 31905, Israel, Tel.: +972 (4) 240156/240721, Fax: +972 (4) 240231.

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